Lego Star Wars Party

Like most 6 year old’s my son LOVES lego, star wars in particular. This such a fun theme to do; with 6 movies there is so much inspiration to pull from.      I started by taking some pictures of his  lego’s. I built his name with lego, and placed some figurines around it. I later used the images for his invitation, wall art, and cupcake toppers and signs.

I knew my son, and his active friends, would need lots of games to keep them busy, and probably wouldn’t stop for food. So I schedule the party  in the late afternoon and kept the menu simple with “princess lays” to snack on, vader-ade to drink and an ice cream bar for their treat.

Mos Eisley Ice Cream Sundae Cantina

The best part of the sundae bar was brainstorming food names to keep with the theme

I fell in love with these super cute yoda marshmallow pops. I was so excited to find them in the Christmas clearance at Walmart for 25c each.

My big focus for the dessert table was the super sized death star. It took a few days to create (but only a few minutes each day)


Step 1: Cover the bottom of the chinese lantern with duct tape. I left top open to hang

Step 2: Paper mache the entire lantern for strength… I wanted it to last and later become a decoration in my sons room

Step 3: Cut out a circle and paper mache the “death ray” indentation

Step 4: Spray paint and paint detail


Every little boy dreams of becoming a Jedi. I set the party up  to have a series of activities to earn that title.

The first missions for the padawans to complete was a scavenger hunt. I found these cute little bobble head figurines (Again at Walmart christmas clearance!) I attached a clue to each one and hid them around the garden….

Mission 1: Scavenger Hunt

The final clue led to these lego attack cruisers (Found at Target Clearance- it pays to plan ahead!)

The kids then built their attack cruiser as the next activity.

Mission 2; Build an Attack Cruiser


I was amazed at how quiet and focused 7 boys can be when they have a lego project in front of them.

Mission 3; Storm Trooper Shooter

I had friends and family save their Capri Sun boxes to create the lego pieces, I wrapped them with brightly colored wrapping paper and attached lego logo circle stickers to mimic the “bumps” I set up his lego storm trooper figurines and they used the nerf gun for target practise.


Mission 4; Bingo

I created the bingo cards from the photo’s I took and various clip art of lego figurines. They used lego pieces ask markers.

 Mission 5; Build A Sundae

The Birthday Boy enjoying his sundae

Mission 6: Battle Darth Sisters

 The final activity was an obstacle course. I set up some “lego bricks” to jump over and tubes to crawl through.

My daughter and her friends (aka The Darth Sisters) battled the jedi’s after every obsticle. This game was a huge hit.

The pipe insulation and duct tape light sabers were easy and inexpensive to make- the kids loved battling each other. The insulation is nice and soft so there were no casualties!


We enlisted the help of one of our friends to dress up as a Storm trooper. The minute they saw him walk up the driveway they began their attack! Each child got a chance to pose with the storm trooper. I later turned their portraits into thank you card keepsakes.

We ended the party with cupcakes. Linda, of Frog Prince Cakes and Cookies did an amazing job with the fondant toppers!

 This is the perfect theme for young boys. It is easy to find fun themed food, as well as creative games to play

Thanks for sharing!
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