Harry Potter Inspired Birthday ~ part 1

My daughter and I are fascinated by the magical world created by J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter Series. She had just finished reading the series so we knew it would be the perfect theme for her 10th birthday party.

J.K. Rowling has so many creative ideas to pull from, the inspiration was endless. I decided to narrow down my ideas by creating a “class schedule” and designating one activity to each class. The kids loved referring to the schedule and it helped keep the party flowing smoothly.

The color scheme was inspired by the natural wooded setting, and included parchment, burlap, and pops of apple green. The paper decor was co-ordintated to look distressed, and featured the classic harlequin pattern from the books covers

 The wands turned even better than I imagined! I was extremely fortunate that my brother is very handy in his work room ~ he purchased wooden dowels which he shaped to give detailed handles and tapered tips. I then dripped HOT glue around the handles to add detailing. I finished them by coloring with a variety of wood stains. I love how they turned out, each one was created with a unique look. For the ceremony I displayed the wands in a tin cauldron and  asked each new wizard to close their eyes, reminding them with the classic quote.

“The wand chooses the wizard”

 Our second class was to create a magical familiar. In Harry Potter wizards can choose cats, owls, or toads. I kept the choice simple by selecting owls  for the girls to color. I added a dab of hot glue and a broach pin to the backs. The girls then used them to secure their wizard capes.

Most of the girls had not read the series yet so I created mini spell books to help explain each class and the spell they would practise. My daughter was the perfect Hermoine as she explained each spell, and gave the correct pronunciation.

 With so many fantastic ideas for a fun game of muggle quiddich  I had a hard time deciding how to play the game.  In the end I decided to keep the rules very simple… Don’t let your golden snitch (aka balloon) touch the ground! The girls practiced their first spell “Wingardium Leviosa!” to keep the snitch in the air.

The next class was inspired by a  color changing drink post on Hostess with the Mostess. Following the directions found on HWTM I used a dab of food coloring in the bottom of the glass, and then covered with ice. Each wizard selected a cup and repeated the spell Multicorforsas I poured lemon lime soda over the ice. They were amazed as their magical colored drinks were revealed. For the divinations part of the class I created a color chart to explain what each colored drink would mean for their future. The futures were loosely based on a combination of mood rings meanings and ideas from the books.

I love how classic party games can be customized to fit your theme. A simple game of charades became a Transfiguration Class by using the spell Fera Verto”. The spell is intended to change one object into another. Each wizard took a turn acting out an object or animal. The wizards knew the spell was successful when they were able to guess what object was being acted out.

We practiced our spell casting by playing another classic game; Freeze tag . It used the traditional rules but with a twist. To tag you need the spell “Petrificus Totalus” to freeze a person  and “Relashio” is used to release a frozen person.

No Harry Potter party is complete without a Horcrux Hunt. I created a scavenger hunt using 7 horcruxes created by Lord Voldemort. I hid a diary, ring, locket, goblet, crown, lighting bolt, and snake around the yard, each “horcux” contained the clues to find the next item. As a reward for locating all 7 horcruxes the final clue led to “Honedukes sweet shoppe!”

Find all the details on the potion and honedukes tables in “Harry Potter Party ~Decor and Treats”

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