Harry Potter Inspired Birthday { Part 2~ Food, Drinks and Decor }

JK Rowling gave us so many ideas for fun candies, drinks and treats it was hard to decide what we wanted to include. We had a Harry Potter movie marathon try narrow down our choices. We ultimately decided to focus on our two favorite elements; an apothecary display and Honey Dukes sweet shop. I love how they turned out.

I wanted an earthy magical feel for the displays so I decided to use the natural woods as a backdrop. I kept the color scheme natural using burlap, parchment and apple greens. I used an antique steamer trunk to set up the potion displays~ it was the perfect accent piece.

The potion display was so fun to create. I found a variety of bottles and jars from Halloween decorations and in my pantry. I tied in all the different containers by using similar labels, and used names pulled from the book. I found the Harry Potter Wikia to be a wonderful online resource when ever I needed ideas, and didn’t want to search through the books. They have a list of every spell/potion mentioned in the series and include ingredients. I let my daughter select her favorites and create most of them.

I wanted something over the top sweet for the cupcakes (aka cauldron cakes)  I tried a new product; frosting creations by Duncan Hines. I selected the bubble gum flavoring and added it to my favorite buttercream frosting.  They were very sweet but the kids loved them! I also made my daughters favorite pink lemonade cupcakes topped with a buttercream frosting.

When selecting a floral arrangement I knew traditional flowers would not work for me. I decided to create my own using vintage papers {see tutorial here} They were displayed in mason jar vases and set on faux magic books (created by covering unwanted old books with labels inspired by Harry Potter text books.)

I had my heart set on using owls as part of the centerpieces but could not find them anywhere~ luckily the Halloween display hit the Michaels craft store the day before the party and I found 2 perfect owls. I also found a DIY snow globe. I spray painted the base black and added glitter, water, and glycerine to create a crystal ball.


Honeydukes Sweet Shop

I once again referred to the Harry Potter wikia for a complete list of treats found in the series. While many of the sweets are available for purchase, I decided to take some liberties and make up versions that I knew my kids would love…..

I turned to my favorite cookie and cake “girl”, Linda of Frog Prince Cakes and Cookies to create Hedwig owls and broomstick. She is amazing at capturing exactly what I ask for onto her cookies!

The acid pops were created with pop rocks, marshmallows and melted chocolate. When displayed on stripey straws from Shop Sweet Lulu they make the cutest acid pops. The kids were so surprised when they bit into them and they started to pop in their mouths.

To create the peppermint toads I used a toad chocolate mold and filled them with lime green melting chocolates. For peppermint filling I took a short cut and used crushed junior mints. They turned out yummy!

Store brought candies become magical with the additional of labels. I included all my kids favorites; lemon heads (Dumbledores favorite lemon drops), Heath Toffee (Ton tongue toffee), Golden Snitch (chocolate balls), Jelly Beans (Bertie botts every flavor beans) Gumballs (Droobles best Blowing Gum),  and Jelly Slugs (sour gummie worms)

I found many interesting recipes to create butter beer, and pumpkin juice. Not all of them seemed kid taste approved so I decided to to go with traditional root beer  and creamsicle floats. By serving them in cauldron punch bowls they mimicked the look, but the kids wouldn’t be afraid to actually try them.

This was such a fun and creative party theme to work with. I cannot wait to pull out my decorations for Halloween!

Printable Package in now available in the shoppe!

Make sure to read part one for all the party activity details!

Party styling and paper decor “Simply Sweet Parties”

Hedwig Cookies “Frog Prince Cakes and Cookies”

Chocolate Toad Molds 

Stripey Straws Shop Sweet Lulu

Owls Michaels Craft Store

Cake stand Ross 

Paper Flower Tutorial

Golden Snitch Party City

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